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MEEZA, a Qatar Foundation joint venture, is an established end-to-end Managed IT Services & Solutions Provider based in Qatar with the mission of becoming the leading Managed IT Services & Solutions provider in the Middle East and North Africa. MEEZA is helping accelerate the growth of Qatar and the region through the provision of world-class Managed IT Services and Solutions. Additionally, MEEZA provides the Qatari people and others throughout the region with opportunities to undertake fulfilling careers in the IT industry.

MEEZA's offerings include Managed IT services, Data Centre Services, Cloud Services and IT Security Service, MEEZA has three Tier III certified data centres, known as M-VAULTs offering a guaranteed uptime of 99.98% built to comply with the most exacting international standards enabling businesses to benefit from greater efficiencies and reduce risks. MEEZA's State-of-the-art Data Centre M-VAULT 2 is LEED Platinum certified where M-VAULT 3 is LEED Gold certified.

MEEZA has established a centralised Command & Control Centre (C3) that monitors and optimises MEEZA services for clients. Coupled with this facility, MEEZA prides itself with having the first commercial Security Operations Centre (SOC) in Qatar. The SOC enables MEEZA to help its clients mitigate digital and cyber security threats. With a network of interconnected, highly resilient and geographically diverse data centres, MEEZA is uniquely positioned to offer disaster recovery and business continuity services to clients in Qatar and across the gulf region. Aside from these, MEEZA is also becoming a recognised systems integrator and is rapidly establishing its expertise in the area of Smart Cities and internet of Things.

MEEZA offers cost-effective IT solutions and services to help clients focus on their core business and scale rapidly. Delivering best in class IT security levels, MEEZA helps clients minimise business risk, reduce IT capital expenditure and speed up time-to-market for new initiatives.

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Headquartered in Doha, Doha

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