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Mainstream Technologies, Inc.

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Mainstream Technologies has been serving US clients since 1996. In September of 2008, Mainstream Technologies moved into our new facilities in downtown Little Rock, enabling Mainstream to continue growing as our clients' technology needs evolve. Included is a hardened and conditioned data center with full power redundancy.

This environment allows for secure hosting of both our clients' applications and hardware and their data back-up of critical business data.

Also included in this facility is a complete Network Operations Center (NOC) to exercise full control over the data center.

Specifications for the Mainstream Data Center (Tier 2+):
. 325KVA UPS
. 1 Megawatt Generator for Backup Power
. Approximately 5,700 sq ft of raised floor
. Dual Liebert HVAC cooling/humidity control air units
. Constant air filtration units
. Non Sprinkled fire suppression
. FM-200 fire suppression
. Fiber Data Connection with capacity to 10Gigabit
. VLAN support with network bandwidth rate control
. Proximity badge and biometric security on all outside entrances to facility
. Proximity badge on internal data center entrances
. Security cameras with DVR covering all external entrances, internal entrances and server room
. Gigabit network cabling

The addition of the Mainstream Data Center offers our clients:
. Co-Location
. Cool Dry Connected
. No additional services provided unless hourly ad-hoc requests are requested
. Managed Hosting

Co-Location plus:
. Server Management & Administration
. Setup
. Patches
. Backups, tape management
. Monitoring
. Virtual Server Hosting
. Hardware provided by Mainstream
. Virtual Servers provisioned on shared hardware
. Includes accessibility for Application Hosting

Fire Suppression for the Mainstream Technologies Data Center:

We use FM-200 also known as heptafluoropropane or FE-227. Manufacturer suggests that 7% is needed for effective suppression of fire. Mainstream Technologies has set the in-house system in the Data Center to use a concentration of 8%. A concentration of 9% has no observable effect on humans and requires no mandated egress time to evacuate the room. This gas has no residual and can be removed by ventilation.

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Mainstream Technologies, Inc.

Headquartered in Little Rock, Arkansas

Colocation Provider