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Luxconnect S.A.

Luxconnect S.A.

Founded in 2006, LuxConnect actively contributes to the strengthening of Luxembourg's Data Center infrastructure by building and operating multi-tenant and carrier-neutral Data Centers based on green energy concepts.
LuxConnect provides 14.700 m2 of net IT surface in Luxembourg.
DC1.1 in Bettembourg offering 3.100 m2 of server space
DC1.2 in Bettembourg offering 1.300 m2 of server space
DC1.3 in Bettembourg offering 5.500 m2 of server space
DC2 in Bissen/Roost offering 4.800 m2 of server space

The latest technologies were incorporated into each center in order to maximize their energy efficiency.
Being Green IT-aware LuxConnect is committed to a Power Usage Efficiency (PUE) that ranges from 1,6 to 1,2.

LuxConnect operates multi-TIER data centers and operates on top its own optical fiber backbone throughout Luxembourg (1.000 km of fiber), connecting all commercial data centers in Luxembourg redundantly, and, gives operators a choice of more than 12 country outbreaks to interconnect to and from Luxembourg.

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Luxconnect S.A.

Luxconnect S.A.

Headquartered in Bettembourg, Luxembourg
Founded in 2006