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ITFM provides a range of services to compliment the requirements of Property Managers, IT Managers, Facilities Managers and Project Managers during times of migration, transition or change as well as maintaining business as usual operations. We bring 15 years of experience gained both nationally and internationally.

ITFM calls on years of project management experience and philosophy to resource, manage and execute your projects, in a cost effective manner, using a blend of proven systems, processes, risk management and accountability to ensure you get the peace of mind and quality you deserve no matter how big or how small your project is.

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Server Disconnect and Reconnect
The server, albeit one single piece of equipment or a whole data centre full of cabinets and racks, is the pulse of your business. The risk and planning that is involved calls for almost military style preparation. ITFM can offer a full service, or adapt to fit the needs of your IT department or project. Services include auditing, cabling, de-racking and re-racking, asset tracking, documenting the type, positioning unique set up features and peripherals. We physically mount the servers on their rail kits into our industry exclusive Secure Server Transportation Units or “SSTU’s”.
During transit we offer both climate control and various security options for sensitive or irreplaceable hardware.

With a presence in every major city in each state of Australia our services can be engaged nationally with little lead time. Our fleet of vehicles include tail lifts and box vans all fitted with necessary modifications to ensure the SSTU’s are loaded and transported with minimum disturbance. Our drivers are briefed and trained on loading processes and have a strong focus on “the gentle approach”.

Post server relocation services
ITFM recognise that in some cases clients have enough to think about during a relocation or technical refresh project and require a post relocation service, especially if they are based at remote sites that present geographical challenges. So as a value add service we can also provide tier one connectivity services, this may include anything from simple power up to an image installation, NIC configuration or Domain addition. Enabling your server teams where ever they are located to remotely manage their servers on a same day delivery basis.

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Headquartered in Sydney, NSW