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General Information:

IPTP Networks is a leading System Integrator, Tier-1 single-homed network (AS 3356), Internet Service Provider (AS 41095) and Software Development group of companies operating worldwide with offices in Limassol (Cyprus), Amsterdam (the Netherlands), New York (USA), Moscow, Novorossiysk (Russia), Hong Kong (SAR of China), Lima (Peru), São Paulo (Brazil), La Paz (Bolivia) and Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam). Originally founded in Cyprus (1996) as a System Integrator, after 8 years of successful development, the company IPTP Networks (2004) grew up into a major international group and a world-class organization. We operate a global backbone as a Tier-1-class-network Internet Service Provider (ISP) providing connectivity through 176 ON-NET datacentres worldwide..

The company operates ultra-fast Trans-Atlantic, Trans-Pacific and Trans-Eurasian fiber-channels connecting our clients to key internet exchanges and global financial centers and providing outstanding connectivity across the USA, Europe, Russia, Asia, Africa and Latin America. We are pleased to offer our network infrastructure, the platform of data centers and the power of our server equipment around the world for your projects.

Co-location and hosting are available in:

Middle East: Nicosia, Limassol (Cyprus), Dubai, Fujairah (UAE), Manana (Bahrain), Istanbul* (Turkey)

Europe: Sofia (Bulgaria), Athens (Greece), Helsinki* (Finland), Paris, Marseille (France), Frankfurt (Germany), Milan (Italy), Amsterdam (the Netherlands), Bucharest (Romania), Madrid (Spain), Stockholm (Sweden), Zürich (Switzerland), Kiev (Ukraine), London, Slough (United Kingdom).

Russia: Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Novosibirsk*, Vladivostok*.

The United States of America: Ashburn (VA), Atlanta (GA), Dallas (TX), Denver (CO), Chicago (IL), Honolulu* (HI), Miami (FL), New York (NY), Los Angeles (CA), Palo Alto* (CA), San Jose (CA), Seattle (WA), Washington (DC).

Americas: Toronto (Canada), São Paulo, Fortaleza* (Brazil), Lima (Peru), Bogota* (Colombia), Quito, Guayaquil* (Ecuador), Santiago de Chile* (Chile), Buenos Aires* (Argentina), Santa Cruz*, La Paz (Bolivia), Panama* (Panama).

Asia: Beijing, Shanghai (China), Hong Kong, Macau*, Taipei (Taiwan), Singapore, Seoul (South Korea), Tokyo (Japan), Mumbai, Chennai*(India), Jakarta (Indonesia), Johor Bahru, Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), Bangkok* (Thailand), Ho Chí Minh, Hà Noi (Vietnam), Phnom Penh* (Cambodia)

Africa: Johannesburg (South Africa), Luanda* (Angola), Kribi* (Cameroon), Mombasa* (Kenya),Lagos* (Nigeria), Dar Es Salaam* (Tanzania)

Oceania: Sydney, Alexandria*, Perth* (Australia), Auckland (New Zealand), Suva*(Fiji), Guam*.

* - location will be available in the near future

Each data center is docked to Level 3 and connected to all major IXs (LINX, AMS-IX, DECIX, MSK-IX, Equinix and more). At the moment, network stability is provided by redundant EoMPLS network with a total capacity of more than 30Tb/s and 1Tb/s uplink capacity.


The equipment is built to suit individual requirements and is under the full control of the customer.
There is a possibility of organizing a distributed cluster and the use of Anycast IP technology.
Our technical support operates 24/7 with no days off and is available in the Russian, English and Chinese languages.
Due to the redundancy of the vulnerable server components, as well as a high level of SLA, delay is minimized to the maximum.
In addition to hosting, IPTP Networks successfully implements DDoS protection, private networks and other customized solutions.


IPTP Networks services proved to be effective across a wide range of industries, including but not limited to: media, financial corporations, banks and Forex companies which required a reliable network infrastructure, rapid scalability of projects, outstanding levels of security and the ability to withstand high network loads. The company also works with automated trading platforms, streaming media and other critical, high-bandwidth applications.

Global connectivity, collaboration with CenturyLink and reserving of channels provide optimal network coverage. Possible organization of dedicated high-speed communication channels to the remote equipment, including on the basis of the construction of last mile to the customer office. You can check the characteristics of the main channels by using IPTP Looking Glass:

All data centers are equipped with autonomous power supplies and connected to redundant communication channels. Our Live Network Diagram can be viewed via:

IPTP Networks designs and delivers specialized, tailor-made solutions that help in avoiding system failure, limit the susceptibility of your network structure to power shortages and provide unparalleled protection for both remote access and data privacy.

For a list of products and services that IPTP Networks Ltd. offers, please refer to the leaflet attached. For further information please visit our website:

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IPTP Networks

Headquartered in Moscow, Russia

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