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IP-Max SA is fast becoming a leading provider of information technology solutions and services, for customers located across Europe and beyond. The quality of services and support are valued by customers located internationally. With products, which include hardware supply, IP Transit, Low Latency transport, Metro and International `PoP' to `PoP' connectivity, colocation, and network management, we can offer a complete package, which meets the individual requirements of our customers. A one-stop, IP shop.

IP-Max's Engineers have a reputation and proven track record of delivering highly robust, scalable and tailored solutions.

Having worked for Internet Service Providers for more than 15 years, the technical team has real experience in building a wide range of solutions, from creating small and local ISP platforms to complete FTTH platforms, scalable up to the size of a whole country.

IP-Max's Headquarters and Network Operations Centre (NOC) are located in the business centre of Geneva, Switzerland.

Some of our key Points of Presence (PoPs):

. Geneva - Equinix GV1 (city centre) CIXP access
. Geneva - Equinix GV2 (city outskirts) CIXP access
. Zürich - Equinix ZH1 (central city) Swissix and Equinix-IX access
. Zürich - Equinix ZH5 (city outskirts)
. Zürich - Equinix ZH2,ZH4 in campus mode with ZH1,ZH5
. Frankfurt - NewTelco (Kleyerstrasse campus) DE-CIX access
. Moscow - M9 - MSK-IX access
. Lyon - SFR datacenter - Lyon-IX access
. Lausanne - Malley
. Lausanne - Brainserve
. Attinghausen - Deltalis DK2 (mountain bunker) - `securest datacentre in the world'
. Geneva - Safe Host (city outskirts)
. Geneva - IBM / Gigaplex (city outskirts)
. London - Equinix LD4/LD5 (Slough) LINX access

We have many PoPs located around Switzerland and in key locations around Europe. Our aim is to extend the reach of this network alongside the provision of customer driven requirements. Our geographical position allows us access to the best European networks available, giving us the ability to design and provide quickly, solutions which best match our customers needs.

Registered at the Swiss Federal Office of Communications under Supplier number 2000800, IP-Max SA is entitled to propose its services all over the Swiss Confederation, and beyond its borders.

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Headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland