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PT. Interlink Technology was originally legally incorporated in 2008. Established by a group of professionals in advanced data communication solution through Satellite, Fiber Optic, Radio Link Network and Internet services. The Company has a wide range of services in Fiber Optic, VSAT connections, Internet services, and information technology.
Lead by a team of experienced and entrepreneurial managers who are dedicated and committed to bring the Company and business model to success in information technology and telecommunication businesses.
Interlink provides a full International class customer-related solution in Indonesia and regionally covering among others:
? Internet Services
? Broadband VSAT Services
? Wireline and Wireless Network
? Information Technology
? Interlink is a company built on a strong belief of results, people, and integrity. This combination is essential to accomplishing the Company's primary purpose of providing a solution that will significantly improve all forms of customer-agent communication and IT solutions
? Interlink's values are the foundation of the company culture and create the environment in which hard work is done with passion. Its values are deeply held beliefs that guide the behavior, decision-making, and framework building for daily interactions amongst the team.
The Interlink team recognizes that quality, reputation, consistent performance, and satisfaction with its products will be the measure and vehicle for the company's success. The Company believes that its values create a competitive advantage that allows Interlink to discover, develop, and deliver the solution to its clients.

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Headquartered in Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia