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he Handy Networks story begins when owners Mike Griffin and Jay Sudowski were both participating in a beta testing program for NetObjects Fusion, a popular graphical web design application, in 1997. While working on the software program, Mike and Jay began a friendship that would ultimately lead to a successful business venture.
At the time, both Griffin and Sudowski were operating small hosting reseller businesses and doing freelance web design work. Soon after meeting, they agreed to pool their resources and started offering shared, reseller and dedicated hosting solutions, specializing in fully managed Microsoft Windows® Hosting Solutions.

Shortly thereafter, Mike, who had been operating a successful Mail Boxes Etc. franchise in the San Francisco bay Area, moved to San Diego. With this move, Handy Networks, still an informal business venture moved its operation
in-house and began to offer its first co-location services along with its portfolio of other hosting services.

Building upon the success of its current operations, Handy Networks was formalized as a LLC in February of 2000.
At the same time, Handy Networks became one of the first adopters of the Hosting Controller web hosting control panel for Microsoft Windows Server 2000®. The founders of Handy Networks worked directly with the Hosting Controller development and management teams and provided valuable feedback that helped to guide the course of the product.
To meet the growing needs of its current and future customers, handy Networks, LLC moved its base of operations to the Denver Metro area in the fall of 2001.

By the spring of 2002, needing still more server space for its ever expanding client portfolio, Handy Networks, LLC moved its operations to the Ventures Online data center, located in the Denver Tech Center. By the spring of 2003, Handy Networks became one of the first adaptors of WebHost Automation’s Helm control panel platform. Handy Networks was able to leverage the powerful Helm control panel and provide their customers with more powerful, but less complicated hosting solutions.

In the winter of 2003, Handy Networks moved to Data393’s data center in the Denver Tech Center.

Over the next few years, Handy Networks, LLC experienced substantial growth and had many remarkable milestones. They became one of the first Microsoft® SPLA (Service Provider License Agreement) providers; they began offering self managed Windows® and Linux® server solutions; expanded on their fully managed Windows® offerings and ventured into complex N-tier, load balanced managed dedicated server solutions.

After an in depth search lasting nearly a year, Handy Networks found the ideal location for its own private data center and began renovations in December of 2006. Renovations included upgrading the power, cooling and network infrastructure to support increased power densities. The completed result was a 4,000 square foot raised floor data center space with UPS and Caterpillar generator backed power, N+1 Liebert downflow cooling, and fully redundant Juniper and cisco powered network.

With renovations complete, Handy Networks, LLC moved its data center and administrative operations to its current location in the prestigious Qwest Communications Tower in Downtown Denver, Colorado in February of 2007. Since moving into their own data center, Handy Networks has experienced a period of great customer and infrastructure expansion. During the spring of 2008, several additional redundant cooling units were brought online and an additional UPS system is slated to come online during the fall of 2008. In August of this year, staffing was increased to include onsite Linux Specialists. Handy Networks continual investment into its infrastructure and staff translates to greater customer care and the ability to offer more clients the Handiest of Hosting solutions.

Today, Handy Networks, LLC is proud to offer their customers a myriad of hosting options including multi-domain shared hosting, self managed Linux® and Windows 2008® dedicated servers, fully managed Linux® and Windows 2008® dedicated servers, single server co-location, private cage co-location, hosted Microsoft Exchange Server® and hosted SQL Server applications. Handy Networks customers enjoy access to a large variety of hosting automation platforms including cPanel, DirectAdmin, Helm and DotNetPanel. Additionally, handy Networks is pleased to offer customers completely customized hardware solutions based on the SuperMicro platform.

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Handy Networks, LLC

Headquartered in Denver, Colorado

Colocation Provider
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