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Greendata s.r.o.

Datacenter DC6, Prague 6, Czech Republic for Dedicated and managed HA services and colocation.

Greendata Ltd has been committed to reducing energy consumption in own data centers
since 2010, notably by designing an exclusive Free-cooling and
heating system. As a hosting provider, Greendata never ceases
to invent new ways of reducing the quantity of electricity needed
to run its data centres. This keeps the cost of powering the
servers down and the savings can be passed on to the
Data centres - heating and cooling In-house development of
exclusive Free-cooling and heating recovery unit systems.

The Greendata heating system is a heating supply
system for Greendata's offices that uses waste heat from all

servers. The process saves energy and substantially reduces
CO2 emissions and pollutants.

Waste Prevention at the Office Become a "zero waste"
business by practising waste prevention, reusing products,
making environmentally conscious purchases, and recycling
solid waste and organics. This not only helps our business to
meet local, state, and federal environmental mandates, but also
to cut costs, increase profits, and help the environment by
reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

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Greendata s.r.o.

Headquartered in Prague 6, Czech Republic