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actus was formed by a band seasoned engineers, architects and technical consultants. We wanted to offer a managed private cloud service to clients that allowed us to look after the oily bits that we know and love. Leaving you to run your business safe in the knowledge that the underlying infrastructure was safe in hand.

If you want to skip the technical acronyms, white papers and workshops and just want a safe, secure and reliable service that tailors to and changes with your business. That's exactly what we are here for. If you have an existing, future requirement or just want to learn more about what we can do for you please contact us.

We live & breath technology ( just ask our wives ) and are always looking at new ways of offering our cloud service, currently we are looking at the former NASA Nebula project and distributed storage options such as Gluster FS to allow a stacked approach to our infrastructure. Where each Node brick ad’s too and extends the clouds reliability, redundancy and high availability.

Currently we offer a true and tested vSphere cloud design, using a hybrid mix of infinniband and fibre connectivity to allow for a truly robust architecture. This allows us to offer tailored options for your cloud and adapt to any new requirements your business needs.

Until the IOPS of distributed storage systems fall into line with existing Fibre & iSCSI storage we are looking ways of increasing current storage bandwidth with SSD and SSD hybrid disks to give you the maximum availability.

We believe in open platforms and are constantly seeing what’s out there to allow a true hypervisor independent solution for running your cloud. Even open hardware, as pioneered by the facebook Open Compute project we are looking at developing our own Node chassis for faster deployment and scalability without impacting your cloud costs.

Our clients range from online media, marketing, engineering firms, software houses and start-up's. Offering them the platform that allows them to cover everything from online presence, centralised IT services such as exchange to full blown database and VDI solutions.

Security is paramount to your business, as standard our systems are protected by custom high availability firewalls covering your internal and external traffic with PCI compliant SNORT intrusion detection systems in place to keep you secure.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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fractus Ltd

Headquartered in London, United Kingdon

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