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De Novo experts possess wide and hands-on experience to research, design, implement and maintain corporate level IT facilities. In-house design methodology capitalizing on the best practices available and neatly accommodated to the reality of the domestic market helps to achieve a radically new level in quality, cost and risk management of IT projects.
One of the De Novo’s key competitive advantages is qualification and experience of the experts employed by the company. The average work experience of the De Novo’s employees is 14 years in IT industry. Almost all experts took part in large-scale projects successfully implemented at the leading enterprises in their respective sectors.
Currently De Novo has focused mainly on infrastructural solutions – transformation and optimization of IT infrastructure (consolidation and virtualization of computations), setup of software infrastructure (team work support systems, messaging systems and resource management of IT infrastructure), data lifecycle management (raw data management, centralized backup systems, hierarchical data storage, electronic archives), engineering infrastructure of data processing centers, management of IT services (on the basis of ITIL/ITSM recommendations), outsourcing of engineering and computing infrastructures of data centers. De Novo also supplies the biggest Ukrainian banks with BI equipment and CoreBOSS family solutions that ensure automated bank servicing of individuals, integration of separate bank applications in a single environment.

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De Novo

Headquartered in Kyiv, Ukraine