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Datason provides dedicated server solutions, including web hosting, transcoding solutions, Satellite dish farm, domain name registration and related products and services, to businesses, individuals, non-profit organizations and others.

The variety of Datason DC down-link satellite dishes coupled with our high speed fiber and IP network opens a wide range of commercial applications.

The dedicated cabling routes from satellite dishes back to your collocated server are very short (maximum about 15 meters) giving you less distortion. Combining our transmission solution with our data center offer will allow your company to setup your entire system in one place and have it backed up by the power availability and connectivity resiliency of our facility.

To hear more about the different commercial applications we might be able to offer your business, take contact with our commercial team.

Dish overview:

Astra at 19.2* E
Hotbird at 13.0* E
Turksat at 42* E & W
Badr 4 at 26.0°E

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Headquartered in Stockholm, Se