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Field of activities:
Rendering services relating to operation and management of clients’ informational systems on the basis of DataLine’s own highly reliable network of data centers in Moscow and the Moscow Region.
DataLine’s Services are aimed at ensuring continuous failure-free operation of the customers’ IT infrastructure, including implementation of efficient solutions and worldwide standards in the domain of resource management, reduction of expenditures for maintenance of IT infrastructure and engineering staff. DataLine offers to its clients a high-technology, utterly safe, reliable site for location of corporate informational systems.
DataLine’s clients are commercial entities irrespective of the scale of their operations, including telecommunication operators, fuel and energy complex enterprises, trade organizations, financial structures, Internet and hosting providers, etc.
We adhere to principles of confidentiality in respect of our clients, and therefore we do not disclose any information about client companies or implemented projects without the respective customer’s prior consent.

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Headquartered in Moscow, Moscow

Colocation Provider
Cloud Provider