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Founded in 2011 in Bucharest, Romania, CyberGhost is the creator
of one of the most reliable privacy and security solutions in the world.
The company secures and anonymizes the online presence
of millions of users across the globe.

Since it constantly runs online freedom
campaigns in non-democratic countries,
CyberGhost defends privacy as a basic
human right, making sure that people from
countries where censorship reigns have
access to a free Internet.
Also known as a VPN (Virtual Private
Network), the technology provided by
CyberGhost creates a secure network
connection over a public network such
as the Internet. Or, to put it differently,
the VPN provided by CyberGhost enables
users to send encrypted data over
previously unencrypted networks.
Furthermore, because CyberGhost needs
to be wherever its users are and protect
them on all fronts, the company delivers a
multi-platform online privacy solution,
available on multiple operating systems,
such as Windows, iOS, Android and Mac.

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Headquartered in Bucuresti, Sector 3