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CWS Server Movers, a division of Computer Warehouse Services, LLC is a team of dedicated, capable IT professionals who understand the numerous issues to be dealt with when moving and migrating Data Centers, Servers, Server Racks and Computer Technology Equipment.

CWS Server Movers has unsurpassed IT, computer and server experience, whether it be moving computers from a small office, a complete corporate IT equipment move or a full data center move.

Whether you are a small business moving across the street or Fortune 500 company moving across the country, Server Movers has the technical expertise, specialized equipment, solutions and willingness to exceed your expectations at every opportunity.

Many companies large and small use our services and solutions. Our services and skills include, but are not limited to the following.

De-Installation - Re-Installation
De-Populate - Re-Populate
Inventory Services
Asset Tagging
Data Center Relocations
Server Moving
Computer Equipment Moving
PC Relocation
Server Rack Moving
OEM Custom Packing
IT Moving Project Management

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Headquartered in Worcester, Massachuestts