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Comcast works closely with many businesses to deploy cost effective solutions for their voice, data, and IT infrastructure. In 2007, we made a strategic decision to invest in serving small to mid-sized business customers. This provided us with a new opportunity to reach companies that want innovative and reliable service from a company that they already know.

In 2011, we started focusing on mid-sized companies with the launch of Comcast Business Class Metro Ethernet across the country. These services deliver secure, scalable, high performance point-to-point and multi-point connectivity over a fully-owned, national fiber optic network. We also introduced Comcast Business Class Trunks, which provides connectivity between a customer's existing PBX (phone system) and even provide Comcast Business Voice Edge, which is our Hosted IP Phone soultion. These scalable services allow customers to purchase based on their business needs while bringing more choices and delivering robust voice solutions.

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Headquartered in Union, New Jersey

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