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Cellcom Israel Ltd. is a prominent telecommunications company in Israel, established in 1994. As a major player in the wireless service industry, Cellcom has revolutionized the market by offering competitive rates and extensive coverage. The company's services include voice calls, data, multimedia messaging, and internet connectivity, catering to a wide customer base across the country.

In addition to traditional telecommunication services, Cellcom has expanded its offerings to include innovative solutions such as Cellcom TV and IPTel landline services. The company also provides international dialing and acts as a billing agency for electrical power, showcasing its diverse range of services.

With a commitment to technological advancement, Cellcom operates a 5G network, shared with other local telecom providers, ensuring high-speed connectivity for its subscribers. The company's dedication to customer service and technological innovation has solidified its position as a leader in Israel's telecommunications sector.

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Headquartered in Netanya, Israel
Founded in 1994

Colocation Provider
Network Operator