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Carrier Connex Inc.

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Carrier Connex Inc. uses the latest technology to protect clients' equipment and data through comprehensive security and monitoring systems.

Therefore, if confidentiality and security are priorities for your business we have the most up to date solutions available.

Colocation clients with equipment in our facility are able to access their equipment and data directly and also remotely.

Network monitoring, usage and other pertinent information are also available to our colocation customers.

Our facility is located in 151 Front Street West in Toronto, Canada which serves as Canada’s premier Carrier Hotel.

Security measures include:

Video Surveillance
Controlled Access
Firewall and Intrusion Detection / Intrusion Prevention
Remote Hands
Remote Console Access
Network Monitoring
Redundant Air Handling
Conditioned Power
Battery Backup Capacity
Fire Suppression
Mirrored Data Centers

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Carrier Connex Inc.

Headquartered in Toronto, Ontario

Colocation Provider