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Bytesnet delivers first class datacenter services for customers that require high levels of availability, security and power density.

In The Netherlands Bytesnet operates in datacenters located in Rotterdam, Groningen and Leeuwarden. The company has established POP’s in Amsterdam, London and New York. Plans are being deployed to extend its services to various countries within Europe over the next few years.

Bytesnet offers 24-hour services in carrier neutral datacenters guaranteeing high quality and reliability. This service level is supported by thorough quality standards (Tier 3), experienced and qualified staff, excellent connections, and strict maintenance and operations procedures. By doing so Bytesnet delivers the best value at the best price for its customers.

Bytesnet closely co-operates with a number of carefully selected partners, amongst which Internet Exchanges and regional development agencies. For owners and project developers of datacenters, Bytesnet is an ideal partner, because our services and activities are complementary.

Bytesnet recognizes its social responsibilities. This is reflected in business conduct, customers care, human resources management and sustainable technology choices. Furthermore, Bytesnet invests and supports projects in the field of CO2 reduction, Internet activities in development countries as well as stimulation of innovation and young entrepreneurs in the regions Bytesnet datacenters are located.

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Headquartered in Groningen, Netherlands