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GiBVault is a specialist provider of cloud computing and online data backup platforms hosted in the territory of Gibraltar. We provide the expertise and technology platform that has created the first point of presence cloud capabilities within Gibraltar. We host out of the premier data centre facility of Mount Pleasant in partnership with Rockolo.

Capabilities include:
- Cloud compute servers & storage charged per hour
- Full feature OpenStack implementation, Self Service, GUI & API access
- Virtual Private Server (VPS) with WHM / cPanel
- Secure Backup as a Service (BaaS)
- Very high speed Internet connectivity charged on amount of data moved

Rockolo Limited is a wholly-owned arm's length subsidiary of Gibtelecom Limited. Gibtelecom of the national telecommunications provide for the territory on Gibraltar.

They providing data centre and managed IT services from their state of the art data centre's located at Mount Pleasant and the recently opened new build World Trade Center. The data centres have direct access to Gibtelecom's resilient domestic and international fibre optics networks.

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Headquartered in Gibraltar, Gibratlar

Cloud Provider