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SDC Ruse

Neterra Ltd
16 Carkovna Nezavisimost Str.
7004 Ruse
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SDC Ruse is a carrier-neutral data center where large capacity international routes are terminated. Fiber optics across the water border between Bulgaria and Romania connect Neterra's SDC Ruse and Romanian Internet service providers. The international operators could easily and efficiently connect to the Bulgarian telecom market and reach the Eastern European countries.


* Direct connectivity to six Tier1 providers thought two or more independent optical routes of selected telecom operators.
* Interconnected with Romanian, Turkish, Greek and Serbian operators.

Service Continuity_______________________________________________________________________________

* Two independent sources of electric power supply
* AVR controlled electric generator and an extra fuel tank for 20 hours
* 48V power supply units.

Disaster protection______________________________________________________________________________

* Seismic protected building, projected to withstand earthquakes of a magnitude 9 in MSK scale
* Fire alarm system with smoke detectors on the ceiling and under the raised floor
* Fire extinguishers - CO2.

Specifications and Technical Support________________________________________________________________

* Independent incoming cable lines
* Meet-me-room
* Total area of 335 sq.m.
* Floor height of 2,75m, raised floor to 0,3m. and floor point loading - 1000 kg/sq.m
* Air conditioning system for air temperature control
* Monitoring - 24/7/365.

SDC Ruse Pricing
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Neterra Ltd
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SDC Ruse
16 Carkovna Nezavisimost Str.
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