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IPXON Sao Paulo

IPXON Networks
Avenida Roberto Pinto Sobrinho, 350
06276-125 Osasco
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IPXON's datacenter in São Paulo, Brazil, provides businesses with a secure and reliable point of presence in the largest financial and corporate center in South America. The Tier III facility ensures high availability with redundant power and cooling systems to protect mission-critical data. IPXON offers solutions ranging from colocation to dedicated and VPS servers, catering to the diverse needs of businesses operating in this major economic hub.

São Paulo's position as a regional leader in business and technology makes it a vital location for data hosting. The datacenter's connectivity and robust infrastructure offer a strategic platform for companies operating in Brazil and those seeking to expand their reach across South America.

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IPXON Networks
Data Center Operator at
IPXON Sao Paulo
Avenida Roberto Pinto Sobrinho, 350
Headquartered in Cordoba, Cordoba