Data Center Map

Welcome to Data Center Map v3
By Sune Christesen, Jul 1 2023

On May 19th 2009, we had the pleasure of welcoming our users to version 2 of Data Center Map.
Today more than 14 years later, on July 1st 2023, we are welcoming you to version 3 of DCM!

Version 1 only existed for 2 years, so running version 2 for more than 14 years was surely more than expected.
Very few websites endure such a long lifespan, so a major overhaul has been overdue for quite some time.

A lot has happened in the mean time in terms of the way we design websites, the way we use them and what is possible to create, with the technology available today. Likewise a lot has happened to our industry, that our old site simply was not created to cope.

Our core is the same as always – data centers – but we are increasing our focus on the ecosystems in/around the data centers, by widening our attention to cloud services and network services, whereas we historically have focused a lot on colocation.

We have made too many changes to sum them all up here, so rather than trying to list them all we would just like to encourage you to take a look around.

We have a lot more features planned, as well as a major overhaul of our data. Being in operation for 16 years, keeping data up to date and consistent has always been a challenge with M&A, new construction, closed facilities/companies etc.

We have developed various methods to ensure the best possible foundation for our data, that we will be implementing in the coming months to secure the best possible data for our users!

As always, any feedback or ideas/suggestions are more than welcome!