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By Sune Christesen, Jul 20 2023

PeeringDB was originally created by Richard Steenbergen in 2004, but was since (in 2015) incorporated as a non-profit organization. The service is maintained by volunteers from the peering community.

The service is inteded to ease the process of finding networks to peer with, by making it easy to see which networks are available at which data centers (facilities) and internet exchanges.

The PeeringDB service covers:
  • Networks
    Networks, identified by their AS numbers (Autonomous System Numbers).
  • Exchanges
    Internet Exchange Points - both commercial and non-profit IXPs.
  • Facilities
    Data centers, identified in the database as facilities.
We highly recommend using PeeringDB, if you operate a network and utilize peering.

Click here to visit PeeringDB

This blog post about PeeringDB, is part of our series about data center databases. To see other sites operating a data center directory or search tool, please visit the main post.