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By Sune Christesen, Mar 4 2014

We have some exiting news to share! This week we launched a sister site to Data Center Map, called Data Center Research.

Data Center Research is a new portal that helps you keep up with the industry and research topics of your interest. Over the years we have built a database of more than 15,000 data center-related news articles and around 5,000 analyst reports/white papers, from the leading media and research companies in our industry. We have analyzed all these data and linked them together, based on various criteria such as companies covered, geographic markets, technologies etc., to make it as easy as possible for you to keep track of what has happened in the past and what is happening moving forward!

For example if you would like to research Equinix, take a look here. Alternatively if you are looking to get on top of the data center market in Japan, take a look here. Looking for something completely different? Go have a look, we can definitely help you find it – as long as it relates to data centers! Below you can see a few examples of white papers and reports in our database:

Analyst Reports:

Free White Papers:

In addition to using our website to search for relevant data, we also offer the ability to set up a custom tracker. The custom tracker can be used to alert you about new articles, white papers or reports, relating to a specific company, market or other criteria. Either via an e-mail digest (daily, weekly or monthly), an RSS feed, a custom website overview or via our new mobile app for Android/iPhone/iPad, that we will be launching very soon!

DCR is also a great way for publishers of news, white papers and reports to reach a wider audience that might not come across their publications elsewhere. Are you an analyst or media company? Reach out to hear more about what we can do. Are you looking for lead generation or branding? Consider submitting to our white paper database.

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