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By Sune Christesen, Jul 20 2023 was founded in 2011, by Joel St. Germain from Global Consulting Group (GCG), and headquartered in Denver, Colrado. Coming from a background of running a IT consulting and IT services distributor, its focus is on colocation and cloud services.

Among the services offered at are:
  • Data Center Directory
    A database of data centers from all over the world, with insight in to their locations, certifications etc.
  • Marketplace
    Procurement / RFP assistance for colocation, bare metal, cloud, connectivity and other relevant data center services.
  • Resources
    A wide range of articles, documents, checklists, templates etc., that are relevant for people operating in the data center industry.
  • Blog
    Blog posts relating to colocation, bare metal, cloud, AI etc.
As part of their marketplace, also has the ability for providers to list offerings.

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