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Data Center Reviews
By Sune Christesen, Jan 18 2012

Choosing a data center to host your critical services and data in is a matter of trust, which is why the choice often relies on the providers references and recommendations from other customers. To make the decision process easier, we have now added a new feature to the site, allowing users to read and post data center reviews.

Users are now able to give a rating of 1-5 stars, depending on how positive/negative their experience is, along with some comments about the data center. The review, rating and name of the author will afterwards be publicly available together with a calculated average of all the reviews the data center has received, which will help new potential customers get a sense of what experience other customers have with the data center.

In addition to being a great asset for customers looking for a data center, it is also a valuable tool for the providers. Having a lot of positive independent reviews will build trust around their brand and support the providers online reputation, by using the existing customers as ambassadors.

For now the reviews are listed as a new tab under the data center profiles (example), but if the feature becomes popular we intend on integrating the ratings from the reviews other places on the site as well. So if you are a data center provider and believe that you have satisfied customers, then hurry up and get them to post a review about you on Data Center Map.