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By Sune Christesen, Apr 16 2014

Following up on our launch of Data Center Research last month, we have now launched an Android/iOS DCR app!

The DCR app provides you with the ability to stay up-to-date with data center related news on your phone or tablet. Furthermore it also enables you to see the most recent white papers, analyst reports and industry events added to DCR. For now the app is very simple and basic, but as time goes it will be improved and expanded.

The DCR app can be found in the respective app stores, if you search for Data Center Research. Alternatively you can also access it directly via the links below:

Have You Tried Our Tracker?

Set up your own custom tracker on DCR, to be alerted of news, reports, white papers and events matching your interest!

You define which companies, industries, technologies and/or geographic areas you are interested in, and then you can be alerted of news via one or more of the following methods:

  1. Daily, weekly or monthly e-mail digest
  2. RSS feed in your favorite RSS reader
  3. Custom overview on our website
  4. On your phone/tablet via our Data Center Research App.

The tracker service is of course completely free of charge and can be cancelled again at any point. Click here to check it out!

Latest Free White Papers:

Laterst Analyst Reports:

To get a sense of what kind of quality you can expect from the analyst reports, check out a complimentary report here and here.