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Blanking Panels
By Sune Christesen, Sep 11 2015

With the increased focus on making our data centers as efficient as possible, blanking panels have become a necessity for all of us. However, they do come in many shapes and materials – and at different prices!

Many data center operators buy thousands of these, with the manufacturers logo or no logo at all. However, if you have a lot of racks filled up with these, and perhaps have presence in multiple data centers, why not use all this space to brand your company? See examples of how it can be done below:

Branded Blanking Panels

Through one of our partners, we are able to offer you very cheap blanking panels – optionally branded with your own logo, or as traditional blanking panels without any logo at all. The pricing per blanking panel is as follows:

  • 120-3,000 pcs: €1 / $1.15
  • 3,001-5,000 pcs: €0.95 / $1.10
  • 5,001-10,000 pcss: €0.90 / $1
  • Logo embosed: €1,150 / $1,300 (one time fee)
  • Custom color plastic: No extra charge, but minimum order of 3,000 pieces

The blanking panels are packed in boxes of 120 per box and the default color is black.
Logo printed in color, rather tham embosed, is also possible – custom pricing will apply.
The maximum dimensions of the logo are 30 x 110 mm (height x width).

The blanking panels are in plastic and can be mounted toolless (they are just clicked in to the rack), unlike traditional steel blanking panels that typically require screws.


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Installed Blanking Panels