Data Center Map

By Sune Christesen, Jul 20 2023

Baxtel was founded by Eric Bell in 2015, in Lafayette, Colorado. Having a background with colocation providers such as Switch and Data, Equinix and CoreSite, Baxtel has a natural focus on colocation data centers.

Among the services found on the Baxtel website:
  • Data Center Map
    First of all, we obviously love the name of this service :-) as it indicates, its a map of data centers around the world.
  • News
    News relating to the data center industry.
  • Events
    Events related to the data center industry.
Apart from these services, Baxtel is assisting users with quote requests.

Click here to visit Baxtel

This blog post about Baxtel, is part of our series about data center databases. To see other sites operating a data center directory or search tool, please visit the main post.