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Brussels DataCenter

Antwerp DC
Excelsiorlaan 15
1930 Zaventem
Brussels, Belgium
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Our facility is fully redundant with all major subsystems configured for N+1 active/active operation. We constantly review the utilization of all subsystems and pre-emptively increase capacity so that surges in demand do not affect our customers. A series of checks and tests performed at regular intervals guarantee that both active and stand-by equipment is operational at all times.

Brussels Datacenter operates on the principle of carrier neutrality. We allow any operator to connect to our datacenter and establish a “Point of Presence”. Fiber ducts from more 15 operators are already available.

Carefully selected people with complementary capabilities. They all have one thing in common, they are driven by perfection.

Cooling for the facility is provided by a central redundant HVAC system which is kept at no more than 50% load at all times. This system can be maintained and scaled in-service.

In combination with cold corridor solutions, Brussels Datacenter can provide customers with adequate heat removal capacity to meet the requirements of even the most demanding equipment at the highest density.

The facility and all cages and private rooms are secured through a central INCERT-certified alarm system that utilizes a combination of access badges and PIN codes.

CCTV cameras are installed at all points of entry and cover all sensitive areas within the facility. Additionally, a security contractor is engaged to patrol the facility regularly.

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Antwerp DC

Data Center Operator at
Brussels DataCenter
Excelsiorlaan 15
Headquartered in Antwerp, Antwerp