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This data center listing is no longer active. The data center may have been closed, sold off, may be fully leased and not accepting new customers or may have been converted for other purposes.

Datacom@AirTrunk Melbourne

within Melbourne
3030 Melbourne
Victoria, Australia

The exact location of this data center is not public,
but it is located within Melbourne
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Datacom delivers data centre hosting and co-location services from AirTrunk's world-class SYD1 (Sydney West) and MEL1 (Melbourne) hyperscale facilities.??
Our renowned technical support and scalable solutions, combined with?AirTrunk's secure and reliable facilities, mean we're equipped to manage your vital data and infrastructure needs.?

AirTrunk's state-of-the-art data centres are built to meet the demands of the world's largest public cloud providers with 100 per cent reliability. They offer the most stringent levels of security backed by industry-leading certifications.

Through Datacom's customisable plans and dedicated on-site data halls, you have access to these world-class facilities. Both SYD1 and MEL1 facilities are 130+ megawatt (MW), making them both the largest in Australia.
We offer state-to-state and trans-Tasman interconnectivity via our dedicated network. With direct on-site connections to the major public cloud providers, we work with you to meet your specific business needs.?
Datacom has its own secure office and network operation centre (NOC) area, as well as our own secure store room and build rooms for customer use.

We also offer usage-based charging. This ensures you only pay for the power and services you use without needing to estimate your consumption or overpay for services you don't use.

For Datacom New Zealand data centre offering please refer to our New Zealand Web site below.

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If you are looking for colocation, cloud, connectivity or other services in Datacom@AirTrunk Melbourne, other data centers in Melbourne or operated by Datacom, please try our free quote service or reach out for a free consultation about your data center needs.
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Data Center Operator at
Datacom@AirTrunk Melbourne
Headquartered in Auckland, New Zealand