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Phonera Datacenter Linköping is located in the area Linkoping (Linköping), Sweden (Sverige), and the colocation data center is carrier neutral. The data center was last updated on 30-03-2010.

58330 Linköping

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15 kW
Traditional cooling solutions can handle only 3-4 kW per rack. A rack full of 40 pieces of 1U servers pull from 5-15 kW of electricity, depending on model and load. Our rack can handle these loads fully.

Higher uptime
Power supply consists of two galvanically separated systems. Each system can support the entire data center load. This is true 2N redundancy - fault on one of the systems does not affect the feeding from the other system. Expected downtime is reduced to 1 / 2000 of a single Power supply with UPS and diesel generator. Similarly, all other systems redundant.

Energy-efficient data center
Computer Center is the most energy efficient in Sweden thanks to a unique cooling system and an electricity infrastructure with reduced losses. A land of 3000 m2 cooling system using ground cooling with superior energy efficiency. We have 60% lower power consumption compared to a conventional data center.

Superior Uptime
Power supply to the rack is made from two (A + B) galvanically separated electrical system (2N) the whole way. If one of the systems do not work the other system takes over the full load from the system.
Expected downtime for 2N the power supply is reduced to 1 / 2000 of a single Power supply (1N) with UPS and diesel generator.
All racks will be supplied with 15 kW A + B UPS power.
Simple logical structure to eliminate handling errors.
Electric rooms for A and B systems are physically separated.
Separated batterie rooms.
Maximum protection, consisting of fixed extinguishing systems with particle sensors and light guard.

11 kV loop.
Uniform and easily operated medium voltage switchgear.
Transformers with reduced power losses.
Oversized switchgear provides low power dissipation.
Low-voltage switchgear are supplied from transformers.

Backup sets with diesel engines from Volvo Penta of 810 kW hk/600.
The engines are preheated. Battery charger ensures that starting batteries are fully charged.
Starts within 5 seconds after power outage and provides full power after 20 seconds. Meanwhile UPS feed the servers.
Capacity 6 x 550 kW at full extension.

All electrical power to the rack PDUs goes through the facility UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply). UPS delivers pure AC and have a perfect sine wave.
UPS also protects against a variety of various problems in the grid, such as voltage spikes during a lightning storm.

The batteries have a capacity of 13-14 minutes operation and are placed in their own compartment.
Critical pumps and fans in the coolingsystem is feed trough UPS.
Up to 94.5% efficiency gives . significant energy savings.
Capacity 6 x 360 kW UPS power at full extension.

Power distrubution
Completely galvanically separated power distrubution for A-and B-power.
Ceramic Fuses (16A and 32A) in stead of miniature circuit breakers:
- Fast - 10 times as fast, which protects servers better.
- Precise - no need for oversizing.
- Reliable - no moving parts and no need for maintenance.

Each rack has two PDU: s, one for A-and B-force, each one capable of addressing the whole load:
- 32A (1 phase and 3 phase) PDU am.
- 16A (1 phase and 3 phase) PDU am.
Different types of PDU: s:
- Basic - simple.
- Metered - Remote monitoring in real time by connected loads.
- Switched - Measurement combined with controlled on / off switching.

The hot air is contained in a HACS (Hot Aisle Containment System), with roofs and doors.
The temperature in the cold aile is 22-23 ° C and in the hot aile, it can be 10-20 ° C higher. Server Manufacturer recommends that the supply air should contain 18-27o C.
More free cooling can be used when higher temperatures are used in chillers, which provide superior energy efficiency and high cooling capacity.
Sensors in each rack control air flow and cooling for stable temperatures and air flows to the server regardless of processor load.

Ground Cooling
3000 m2 large ground cooling system that can provide more than 1 MW in a separate circuit.
Ground cooling system is completely independent and flat heat exchangers transfer the cold to InRow Coolers.
1 kW input power for the pumps give . 100 kW cooling, or 30 times as efficient as compressor operation.

Fully redundant fiber paths into the data center.
Two different cross-links in two different fire cells for fiber and copper connections.
Possibility to connect rack with redundant Cat5 and fiber (MM and SM) cables.
Redundant 10 Gbit / s connection to Phonera IP network with MPLS technology directly to Stockholm and Malmo.

Phonera has a large global IP network with Cisco equipment and peers with a large number of ISPs in many of the largest Global peering points.

Phonera is ranked at the very top of Swedish Internet service providers by the International
CAID organization that evaluates 26,000 different ISPs in the world. Phonera is ranked top 50 in the world.

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