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DIGITAL VALUE is located in the area Valencia, Spain (Espaņa), and the colocation data center is not carrier neutral. The data center was last updated on 24-04-2015.

46026 Valencia
Comunidad Valenciana, Spain

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The data center

Digital Value is located in Valencia, in the main axis connecting the city to the south.

The technical room where the servers are located occupies 150 m2 on which are placed on raised floors high lift cabinets where servers are placed.

It occupies an area of ??500m2 on two floors devoted to the activities of the Data Center, including technical, office, workshop, and heavy machinery.

Successful Data Center project, conducted with the assistance of international experts, allows resolved in a natural and very successfully the various problems generated by these facilities include air conditioning and ventilation equipment, cabling separation force and data wiring sizing, access protection, monitoring and surveillance, in a simple and efficient management.

Thermal conditioning

The accumulation of large numbers of computers in the data center requires us to have strong thermal conditioning equipment able to maintain the room temperature at an optimum level for teams.

The data center has 5 thermal conditioning equipment that override the dissipated heat and get better performance and lifetime of the equipment.

These computers also fulfill the important goal of reducing humidity at an appropriate level while also ensures proper dielectric room environment.

19 "cabinets

Digital Value uses 19 "cabinets of high quality, manufactured in Switzerland by the leading brand in this sector, Rittal. With glass doors on the front and rear blind doors create an elegant atmosphere in the operating room.

Due to its robustness and quality cabinets can withstand heavy loads of computer servers and equipment inninterrumpida power or data transmission.

In electrical cabinets header is located a UPS PowerWare of 3000KVA.

To improve cooling cabinets have powerful these exhaust fans that accelerate the air flow therethrough and heat dissipated increases improving the thermal conditions inside the cabinets.


In Digital Value have modern electric generators that ensure 100% delivery.

Pictured Marelli 100 KVA generator with electronic speed control ensures the quality of the signal and noise insulation of highly absorbent. The equipment is located in reliance on machines attached to the Data Center.


The inninterrumpida nutrition is essential for a Data Center. Digital Value In only use high quality equipment with bypass for maintenance of equipment.

We have high power UPS units redundadas with 3KVA teams in each cabinet.

In the picture you can see one of our teams PowerWare 9155 to 15KVA last generation. Pararelable 5 units in redundancy configuration N + 1.

Capacity Data Center

The construction project of our Data Center was performed with the aim to accommodate up to 1,100 data servers. This is the amount obtained by dividing the total number of U of all our cabinets by means 2U server space.

All fixtures: electric power, cooling capacity, and uninterruptible power groups are dimensioned to this end.

All our supplies are monitored 24 hours a day.

Electric power load

Increased computing power of computers has led necessarily result in higher electricity consumption thereof. A Data Center therefore requires a lot of electricity for powering computers, network equipment and thermal conditioning by.

And the necessary availability of this important power requires the availability of large power generators adapted to the special conditions of computer equipment

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