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Currently there are 33 colocation data centers from Moscow (Moscow) in Russia.
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Data Center Company Address City
AviaPark AviaTel 3 Maryinoy roshi str, 40 Moscow
BSH Business Svyaz Holding Zoologicheskaya str, 2 Moscow
CitySystems Unknown Company Leninskiy prospekt 53 Moscow
ColoCAT DC JSC "System-Service" Moscow, Molodogvardeyskaya st. 52 Moscow
CROC ru-msk-comp1 CROC incorporated 5 block 6, 2-ya ulitsa Entuziastov Moscow
CROC ru-msk-vol51 CROC incorporated 5 block 1 Volochaevskaya St. Moscow
CROC ru-msk-vol52 CROC incorporated 5 block 2 Volochaevskaya St. Moscow
CSS MPS Moscow CSS MPS Kalanchevskaya str., 2/1 Moscow
Data Center e-Style Telecom e-Style Telecom Prishvina 8/1 Moscow
Data-center MCN Telecom MCN telecom Moscow, 2nd Nagatinsky passage 2 building 8 Moscow
DataLine/Borovaya DataLine 7, bld. 10, Borovaya Street, Moscow
DataLine/Korovinskoe DataLine Korovinskoe shosse, 41 Moscow
DataPro DataPro Dmitry Donskoy 37 Tver
DataSpace DataSpace Sharikopodshipnikovskaya street 11/9 Moscow
eServer.Space for SMB Moscow eServer s.r.o. Altufyevskoe highway, 33G building 1 Moscow
eServer.Space Moscow Ostankino eServer s.r.o. 1st Ostankinskaya st, 1, building 1 Moscow
G-system Bykovo-POINT-1 LLC GCX Bykovo Airport, Sovetskaya 19 Bykovo
G-System POINT-3-MSK LLC GCX 1-st Veshnyakovskiy proezd 1 bld 8 Moscow
G-System Zhukovskiy-2 LLC GCX Gagarina str. bld 5 Zhukovskiy
HOSTKEY/DataPro HOSTKEY B.V. Aviamotornaya Str 69 Moscow
IXcellerate IXcellerate 33G, Altufievskoe Shosse Moscow
IXcellerate Moscow South DC campus IXcellerate. Data centers in Russia Podolskih Kursantov 15 Moscow
IXcellerate Moscow Two Datacentre IXcellerate. Data centers in Russia Altufievskoe shosse 33B Moscow
Linxdatacenter Moscow Linxdatacenter 8 Marta Street 14, building 1 Moscow
Moscow M9 MMTS9 7 Butlerova street Moscow
NeoCommunications NeoServer Odesskaya, 2 Moscow
Oversun-Mercury Oversun Aviamotornaya 53 Moscow
RackStore RackStore 84/32 Profsoyuznaya Str Moscow
SAFEDATA Moscow-I SAFEDATA LLC Secret location Moscow
Selectel "Berzarina" Selectel 36 Berzarina Str., Bldg 3 Moscow
Stack.M1 Stack Telecom Varshavskoe highway 125 building 1 Moscow
Store Data Pallada Web Service Nizhegorodskaya, 32 Moscow
WebDC WebDC Nagornaya, 2 Himki

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