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1Gbps Flat Rate IP Transit
Promotion by Blix Solutions AS, expiring Dec 31, 2023

Promotion Details:
Unleash Lightning-Fast Connectivity

Embrace the future of data transfer with Blix Solutions AS. Our 1Gbps IP Transit offers blazing speeds that redefine connectivity standards, ensuring your digital journey is nothing short of extraordinary.

Low Latency North Sea Route to London

Say goodbye to delays! Blix Solutions AS presents a game-changing North Sea route, linking the Nordics to London with unprecedented low latency. Seamlessly transmit data across borders, powering your global ambitions.

Seamless COBRA Subsea Route to Amsterdam

Connect effortlessly to Amsterdam through our cutting-edge COBRA subsea route. Revolutionize your network with swift, reliable data transmission from the Nordics to the heart of Europe.

Unbeatable Value at EUR 300/Month

Elevate your connectivity without breaking the bank. Experience top-tier 1Gbps IP Transit at an unbeatable price of just EUR 300 per month. Transform your digital landscape with cost-effective excellence.

Choose Blix Solutions AS

Join the ranks of satisfied clients who have unlocked new possibilities with Blix Solutions AS. Elevate your network, reduce latency, and expand your horizons. Elevate your connectivity experience today.
Included Markets:

Included Data Centers:
Oslo Internet Exchange OS-IX
Norway Data Center Campus N01
Blix BDC Oslo

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