Data Center Map

About our Data

Below we have tried to answer some of the most frequently asked questions, relating to our data.

How is your data sourced?

Our data originates from multiple sources, primarily:
  • Operators: Data center operators and service providers use Data Center Map as a marketing tool, to promote their data centers, networks and services to potential clients. They have direct access to add and update listings.
  • End-users: End-users send us tips and requests, about missing or outdated listings.
  • External sources: We monitor multiple external databases, to identify missing or changed listings. They are automatically queued for manual review.
  • Ongoing validation: We have automated systems in place, that review our listings to identify issues and queue them for manual review.

How complete is your data?

As there are no regulatory requirements to register data centers in a central database, there are no complete resources available. All databases are based on voluntary data submissions and manually collecting data.

With our database dating back to 2007, we have one of the oldest and most comprehensive databases in the industry. Covering thousands of records on a global basis in this constantly changing industry, it is of course by no means 100% complete.

The database will always have missing listings as well as incorrect, incomplete or outdated listings. Most frequent reason for outdated listings is M&A.

How often is your data updated?

Our data is updated on a daily basis, by providers updating their listings, us updating listings as well as our systems automatically collecting data from external databases and systems.

Can we get a copy/export of your data?

We offer exports of our data in many different formats, please review our Data Explorer for further details, or reach out to us to let us know more about your needs.

My company or some of our data is missing, how can we fix this?

Please sign up for a free account. Once you are signed up and logged in, you will be able to add and update listings. If your company already has an account, you will be presented with the option to be assigned to this account (pending our approval).