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Currently there are 16 colocation data centers from Nuremberg (Nürnberg) in Germany.
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Data Center Company Address City
Contabo GmbH Contabo GmbH Gruenberger Straße 27 Nuremberg
Core-Backbone DataCenter 1+2+3 Core Backbone GmbH Deutschherrnstr. 15-19 Nürnberg
DataCenter DataCenter Carrier GmbH Deutschherrnstr. 15-19 Nürnberg
euNetworks Colocation Nuremberg euNetworks Fuerther Strasse 212 Nuernberg
EXA Nuremberg EXA Infrastructure Leyher Strasse 142/144 Nuremberg
Hetzner Online Datacenterpark Hetzner Online GmbH Sigmundstrasse 135 Nürnberg
KPN Nürnberg Koninklijke KPN N.V Deutschherrnstraße 15-19 Nürnberg
M-Net M-net Telekommunikations GmbH Sandreuthstrasse 31 Nürnberg
noris network (NBG 3) noris network AG Deutschherrnstrasse 15 - 19 Nürnberg
noris network (NBG 4) noris network AG Deutschherrnstrasse 15 - 19 Nürnberg
noris network (NBG 6) noris network AG Thomas-Mann-Straße 16 - 20 Nürnberg
noris network (NBG3/4/5) noris network AG Deutschherrnstr. 15 Nürnberg
ODN Datacenter ODN OnlineDienst Nordbayern GmbH & Co. KG Secret location Fürth
ODN Datacenter NUE ODN OnlineDienst Nordbayern GmbH & Co. KG Secret location Nuermberg
QSC AG Nuremberg QSC AG Am Tower 5 Nuremberg
ratiokontakt GmbH ratiokontakt GmbH Lina-Ammon-Str. 22 Nürnberg

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When searching for colocation data centers in Germany, the following German terms might be good to know. A data center is called rechenzentrum and multiple data centers are called rechenzentren, and apart from that they might also be refered to as serverraum or datacentrum. With regards to services, dedicated server is called dedizierter server (or in some cases dServer or root server), a virtual server is called a virtuelle server (and often just refered to as vServer or VPS, Virtual Private Server) and last but not least colocation is often referred to as server housing, server hosting, co-location or höheneinheiten for hosting of individual servers. Cloud servers, IP transit and managed hosting do not have specific German words and are generally sold under the same terms as in English.
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