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Interoute Communications Ltd

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Interoute Communications Ltd
195 Marsh Wall, Walbrook Building
E14 9SG London
United Kingdom

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Data Center Relation Address City Country
Interoute Salzburg Owner Schillerstrasse 30 Salzburg Austria
Interoute Vienna Owner Perfectastrasse 86-88 Vienna Austria
Interoute Bruges Owner Ruddervoordestraat 82 Zedelgem Belgium
Interoute Brussels Owner Leuvensesteenweg 573 Zaventem Belgium
Interoute Gent Owner Industriepark 2H Merelbeke Belgium
Interoute Liege Owner Les Hauts Sarts 1 ere Avenue 66, Parc Industriel Liege Belgium
Inteorute Bulgaria SOF003 Owner 122, Ovche Pole Sofia Bulgaria
Interoute Bulgaria SOF-SHI Owner 63, Shipchenski prohod Blvd. Sofia Bulgaria
Interoute Ivancice Owner Alexovice 23 Ivancice Czech Republic
Interoute Bordeaux Owner Avenue Mirieu de Labarre Villenave d'Ornon France
Interoute Calais Owner Calais Green Lane Parc d Entreprises Coutimmo Coquelles France
Interoute Lille Owner 126 Rue Carnot Sequedin France
Interoute Mareuil sur Ay Owner Route Ay Zl Le Cheminet Mareuil sur Ay France
Interoute Marseille Owner 44 Avenue Boibaudron Marseille France
Interoute Narbonne Owner La Guarrigue - Rte de St Pons St Marcel Sur Aude France
Interoute Nice Owner 23 Traverse Auguste Verola Nice France
Interoute Paris Owner 34 rue des Gardinoux Aubervilliers France
Interoute Poitiers Owner Zone d'Aménagement Concerté de Saint-Eloi Poitiers France
Interoute Strasbourg Owner 8 Rue de Rouen Strasbourg France
Interoute Toulouse Owner 201 Avenue des Etats-Unis Toulouse France
Interoute Berlin Owner Albert Einstein Ring 17-25 Kleinmachow Germany
Interoute Bonn Owner Bruhler Strabe 26a Bonn Germany
Interoute Cologne Owner Max-Planck-Strasse 36 Hurth Germany
Interoute Dortmund Owner Stockholmerallee 24 Dortmund Germany
Interoute Marie Curie Owner Marie Curie Strasse 7 Dresden Germany
Interoute Dusseldorf Owner Ellerstrasse 101, Industriepark Hilden Hilden Germany
Interoute Eschborn Owner Schwalbacher Strasse 60-62 Eschborn Germany
Interoute Frankfurt Owner Weismuller Strasse 26 Frankfurt Germany
Interoute Hamburg Owner Grossmoorbogen 25 Hamburg Germany
Interoute Leipzig Owner Ludwig Ehrhard strasse 57 Leipzig Germany
Interoute Garching Owner Robert-Bosch-Strasse 12 Garching Germany
Interoute Munich Owner Elisabeth-Selbert-Strasse 1 Munich Germany
Interoute Nuremberg Owner Leyher Strasse 142/144 Nuremberg Germany
Interoute Stuttgart Owner Industriestrasse 15 Stuttgart Germany
Interoute Bari Owner Via Caduti del Lavoro 2, Mungivacca railway stations Bari Italy
Interoute Bologna Owner Via Maserati 20c/20d Bologna Italy
Interoute Florence Owner Via ponte a Giogoli 105/107, Sesto Fiorentino Florence Italy
Interoute Genova Owner Via Pillea 21, Genova Localita Borzioli Genova Italy
Interoute Milanese Owner Via Brianza 15/17 S Guiliano Milanese Italy
Interoute Via Caldera Owner Via Caldera 21 Milan Italy
Interoute Pisa Owner Via P. Barsanti 4 Pisa Italy
Interoute Rome Owner Via Cornelia 498 Rome Italy
Interoute Turin Owner All'Abbadia Di Stura 151, Strada Comunale de Bertolla Turin Italy
Interoute Udine Owner Via Baldasseria Bassa 302 Udine Italy
Interoute Venice Owner Via Vallenari 43 Mestre Italy
Interoute Barcelona Owner Bosc Tancat 1, Poligono Industrial Uralita Cerdanyola del Valles Spain
Interoute Bilbao Owner Poligono Artunduaga Parcela 21 Basauri Spain
Madrid Lezama Owner Lezama, 4 Madrid Spain
Interoute Valencia Owner Poligono Industrial El Oliveral , Fase 11, Parcela Plot 7 Ribarroja del Turia Spain
Interoute Stockholm Owner Karlavägen 108 Stockholm Sweden
Interoute Geneva Owner Chemin de L'Epinglier 2 Meyrin Switzerland
Interoute Zurich Owner Josefstrasse 225, 1st floor Zurich Switzerland
Interoute Amsterdam Owner Koolhovenlaan 120 Schiphol-Rijk The Netherlands
Databarn Rivium B.V. Tenant Rivium Boulevard 62 Capelle aan den IJssel The Netherlands
Interoute Utrecht Owner Sterrenbergweg 42a Soesterberg The Netherlands
Interoute Leiston Owner Eastlands Industrial Estate, Unit 5b Leiston United Kingdom
Interoute Wherstead Owner Park Farm Wherstead United Kingdom

Total: 57 data centers, of which Interoute Communications Ltd owns 56 and is a tenant in the remaining 1.
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