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great balance between performance, guarantees and price, and thus achieving an outstanding quality/price ratio.
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Stackscale B.V.
Spoordreef, 28
Flevoland, Nederland

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zScale Hybrid storage combines RAM, SAS SSD disks and rotating SAS disks to provide the best quality/price ratio possible in environments that despite requiring 100% availability, do not require constant and guaranteed very high performance, and can afford typical rotating when requesting data that is accessed infrequently, commonly called cold data.

Thanks to its extensive RAM cache and high performance SSD, the system provides the great majority of operations latencies and IOPS levels characteristic of All-Flash systems and is only limited in terms of available bandwidth to ensure performance to all customers.

The observable performance from a single VM varies from 4K to 35K IOPS depending on the type of workload, and a bandwidth of between 100 and 150 MB/s.
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