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Leverage Net Data Centers Infrastructure and Facilities for Best in Class Cloud Solutions
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Public Cloud
Managed Services

Net Data Centers Public Cloud quickly and cost effectively gives developers and IT professionals the tools needed to build failure resilient applications in the cloud.

Without having to worry about infrastructure or hardware, you simply log into your account, and can provision new server instances and compute power in minutes. Net Data Centers Cloud services are delivered out of our state-of the-art data center facilities and runs on the most advanced, reliable, and secure infrastructure.

Together this empowers you to scale up and down as quickly as your business needs change, and always only paying for what you use.

- Xen
OS Support
- Windows
- Linux
- Custom Image
Cloud Platform
- CloudStack
Public Cloud Features
- High Availability
- API Access
- Integrated Firewall
- Integrated Load Balancer
- Integrated Backup
- Management available
- SAS70: Type 1 Certified