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Cloud computing plateform for all your business needs, for small and midsize companies and big accounts as well.
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SQL Technologies SAS
2, rue Ludwig Van Beethoven
59500 Douai

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Your clients want access to their data anywhere they are. And quickly. That means it's time to upload your business to the cloud. And we can help you do that. Our engineers can help you with the seemingly daunting transition. And of course, our tailor-made applications are built from the ground up to be cloud ready.

As a business, you should only have one concern: running your company. The last thing on your mind should be the status, management, and uptime of your web applications. SQL Technologies has offered hosting services for years, handling every aspect of configuration, deployment, and monitoring for you. You can sit back and know that your application is in our hands, running smoothly at all times.

Along with hosting, we specialize in virtualization. The combination of these two services can provide your own, private cloud that can scale up or down as needed. Gone are the days of traditional hardware setups - your servers need to be elastic. And so do your applications. We can help you make them so.
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