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Shatter I.T.

Shatter I.T. Cloud Services - Is your Network Shatterproof
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Shatter I.T.
10 Lafayette Square
14203 Buffalo
New York, USA

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Full Support for Windows or Linux Operating Systems, + legacy support.
No more ridiculous hardware costs-buying a physical server is an expensive and often an unnecessary
endeavor. With Shatter's Cloud Solutions-the hardware is already in place & the client simply chooses the
specifications from a menu of packages. The best part is the instant scalability, instantaneous upgrading the
number of CPU cores, Memory, or Disk Space as needed!
Rapid Provisioning-turnaround time is typically just a couple of hours.
Shatter is a huge proponent of Xen as its primary virtualization tool. Xen has several distinct advantages
over the competition, namely-Paravirtualization, which offers improved performance and better overall
management & utilization of the actual hardware. Xen's support for virtual machine live migration from one
host to another allows workload balancing and thereby avoids downtime.
Dynamic Fault Tolerance against software failures + hardware fault tolerance.
Shatter has designed its Cloud Solutions intelligently, with true VMs-allowing the avoidance of
resource hogging by one customer that could affect others, as is the case with many shared hosting
environments. The architecture was and will always be focused on superbly high performance & reliability.
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