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California, USA

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Not all clouds are alike. What you?ll like most will depend on what your company?s requirements are in terms of computing power, connectivity, data center exclusivity and price point.

If your cloud computing needs are already substantial though, and you want the capacity to handle exponential expansion here after, for your money?s worth, you?ll want to consider CalPOP cloud products.

Whereas other flimsier clouds might feel as if they?d vanish under a critical mass of corporate-grade data functions, the Value and Professional Private Clouds are sturdy enough to support your virtual private networks (VPNs) and virtual machines (VMs) without compromise.

Envision remote access of your computing functions, network and data available for your entire organization with optimal security, convenience and efficiency anywhere in an instant.

Frankly, given the necessity of protecting an enterprise?s information from internet threats, the affordability of cloud computing and the nature of modern business, operating online without the protective veil of a cloud-supported VPN just seems to be asking for trouble.

With the Professional Private Cloud, you won?t be troubled by a lack of availability for simultaneous VMs thanks to superior processing, high redundancy, multiple hypervisors and RAID 10 on a 8 TB storage area network (SAN). Advanced networking features such as virtual firewalls, virtual load balancers, virtual routers and virtual private clouds are also facilitated seamlessly.

Each Value or Professional Private Cloud comes with a secure, dedicated infrastructure that is exclusive to just the single client. Your company and your company alone makes the determination of the cloud?s environment.

CalPOP cloud products boast world-class encryptions, industry leading connectivity and IT support around the clock, without exception. Whether you?re at the office or across the country on business, you?ll reap the benefits of our data center redundancy, security and fiber piering directly into One Wilshire.

So does the thought of having your own cloud have you curious? Float on cloud nine during a week-long, guaranteed money-back trial. Try for yourself and determine your own clouded judgments.
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