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People & Technology
Chemin de la Colette 6
1325 Corroy-Le-Grand

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People & Technology's Cloud platform relies on the latest technologies from VMWare and EMC2.
Besides the several benefits of cloud computing in terms of flexibility and elasticity, People & Technology's Cloud solution offers advantages in terms of performance, redundancy, coherence, security and monitoring:
 Performance
People & Technology's Cloud solution is built with the latest technologies and hardware. We have put together monitoring mechanisms of the infrastructure and put in place system optimization procedures so as to assure best possible performances in line with client's needs and expectations.
 Redundancy
Our Cloud is fully redundant, ensuring service continuity according to the market's best practices. This redundancy is automatically available without having to invest in setting up complicated clusters and their management.
 Coherence
Our cloud solution is based on the last virtualization technologies. People & Technology has carefully selected the technologies so as to provide the most coherent and integrated cloud solution on the market.
 Security
People & Technology's Cloud solution is completely secure. For the connectivity we use several layers of firewalls and each client has an isolated network.
 Monitoring
Our cloud infrastructure is monitored and clients benefit of our detailed information levels. Regular reports of client's use of the infrastructure can be provided by mail, or they can also have direct access to monitoring consoles for their infrastructure.
Technical details of our Cloud solution
Our cloud is using the vCloud product suite from VMware:
. VMware vCloud Connector
. VMware vCloud Director
. VMware vCenter Chargeback
. VMware vCenter Server
. VMware vShield Product Family
. VMware vSphere
EMC VNX is used for the storage
EMC Avamar is used for the backup

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