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NavLink's current Cloud Computing services are IaaS, Shared Storage Services (SAN/NAS) & other cloud-based services.
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51 Rue Henri Laugier
06600 Antibes
NA, France

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Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is a utility-based turnkey virtual hosting solution for the applications driving your business. With this service, we provide a complete, managed IT ecosystem for you to load and run your applications. You can take advantage of an on-demand infrastructure or combine it with dedicated components to meet specialized requirements (Hybrid Cloud). In addition, our designated solution architect will work with you to select the right architecture for your business requirements and help ensure that your internal and external processes have a hosting environment that's as expandable and robust as you need.

The service can also be combined with application monitoring and reporting capabilities to support optimal application performance.

This service can be deployed very quickly and allows customers to be up and running in a short period of time. It can also be of benefit to regular managed hosting customers in providing a temporary virtualized platform while they wait for their hardware to be delivered and thus provide them with a quick time solution to become operational.

The NavLink IaaS offering includes Joyent SmartMachine technology. It differs from traditional and virtual machine architectures primarily in that it goes further in abstraction of the hardware by presenting the hosted application with access to a pool of resources rather than control of a fixed resource. The SmartMachine has been designed to be very transparent to the underlying operating system, SmartOS.

SmartOS uses this visibility into the SmartMachine to provide as-needed access to a large pool of available resources while still providing a minimum guaranteed access to resources based on a pre-established fair share schedule.

This transparency also allows the underlying operating system, SmartOS, to identify underutilized resources and use them to provide enhanced performance. In normal operating conditions, all RAM and CPU resources are either directly used by applications, or are being used by the operating system to optimize disk I/O and provide other performance enhancements.
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