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iStreet Value Cloud offers a great mix of affordability and services
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iStreet Solutions, LLC
1911 Douglas Blvd. 85-200
95661 Roseville
California, USA

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This service is designed for the business that needs a little help getting started, but does not need the near instantaneous recovery offered in our HA Cloud offering.

We use the same servers and capacity guidelines as we use in our HA Cloud offering, but we use less expensive software and pass the savings on to you.

Although these systems do not come with all the same failover features of our HA Cloud service, they do have some great features to maintain your uptime:
Dual Power Supplies
Mirrored Storage
Multiple Physical NICs
Functionally Identical Spares for expedited recovery
24X7 monitoring and support

Our pricing is simple for these VMs too:
$20 /GB vRAM
$0.20 /GB Storage
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