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Icodia VPS and VDS servers, high availability
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22 rue de l'erbonière
35510 Rennes
Bretagne, France

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The advantages of the ICODIA offer

Quality of resources:
Unlike other offers, we provide you with high-end resources

- the processor cores supplied are based on Xeons> 3 GHz
- the memory is top of the range ECC (verification and automatic correction of errors)
- SSD quality discs allow high bit rates and allow a higher number of IOPS (number of input / output operations per second).

You can switch to a more powerful offer at any time according to your new needs, whether temporary (TV / radio broadcast) or continuous (constant increase in the number of visitors to a site, for example). Our solution can evolve to 100% dedicated hosting (migration supported by our team if necessary).
So you can:
- Increase or decrease processor(s) power
- Increase or decrease RAM power
- Increase disk space

Automatic backups and snapshots:
You can restore your IcoVPS/VDS to a previous state (24 hours back) at any time, which is useful in the event of a handling error. You can also, before a critical update, save the state of your VPS/VDS to restore it if the update has failed.

Multiple access:
You have full root access to your IcoVPS/VDS and you can create additional access for the management of one or more VPS for one or more specific users.

You can access at any time from the management interface when your IcoVPS restarts, a virtual screen allowing you to intervene as on a physical machine with a keyboard / screen.
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