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Easily manage, scale, and run cloud server with multiple IP addresses.
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207 Regent Street
W1B 3HH London
United Kingdom

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The Heficed brand was carefully built to create high-value hosting services and true long-term relationships with our customers.

Features included in Kronos Cloud hosting plans:

Industry leading uptime of 99.9%
24/7 Support
High-capacity, high-speed, highly redundant network
10G network
IPv6 enabled
Preinstalled custom ISO
Powerful API
Self-managed rDNS control
On-Demand, unlimited scalability
Instant setup
Up to 2048 IPs
Optimized security
Full automation
Flexible resource allocation
Console access
Ability to auto-install cPanel, DirectAdmin

Operating Systems:

CentOS 6
CentOS 7
Debian 8
Debian 9
Fedora 26
Fedora 27
Fedora 28
Fedora 29
Ubuntu LTS 14.04
Ubuntu LTS 16.04
Ubuntu LTS 18.04
Windows Server 2016 Standard

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