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Hansen Technologies - Virtualisation Cloud Services
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Hansen Technologies
2 Frederick Street, Doncaster
3108 Melbourne
VIC, Australia

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Hansen Technologies has over 35 years experience managing data centres. By leveraging our wealth of expertise and purpose built data centres, you can focus on your core business, while we ensure your enterprise is supported with reliable, robust ommunications and computing services. No matter what equipment you run, or how large your operations, Hansen Technologies can tailor a solution that meets your business objectives.

Our Doncaster facility is staffed 24 hours per day, 365 days a year with the floor space capacity of over 900 square metres. Data centre integrity is ensured by purpose designed environmental management, security, electrical, and fire containment systems. The data centre serves clients in both the government and private sectors.


Hansen Technologies provides the highest level of High Availability infrastructure and Virtual instances for the customers deployment to ensure they are provided with the maximum SLA agreements.


We offer multiple modes of redundancy with multiple redundant physical, and software virtual firewalls to ensure the highest level of security for customers virtual machines and instances.


Hansen Technologies VMWare infrastructure utilises multi-homed 3 X dual internet feeds by three suppliers and are distributed via three independent physical feeds outside of our premises to ensure we have the highest level of redundancy with our communication provider.
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